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  • eturn late.He h●urrie
  • d back to the door.The lock had
  • not caugh●t when he came
  • out and the door sto●od j
  • ust so much ajar that he saw O▓
  • lden and Phillips in the hall, a
  • nd heard▓ Olden exclaim,
  • inst h

  • is

  • Blackberry

  • Windows

  • Nokia


usehold.A●t his suggestion about a latch-key.● Olden answered, Why, I have only one, ●but I'll let you in myself whenever yo▓u ring.I'll be up, never fear. Lyon had ●a busy afternoon,--for in spite of his ●mental absorption in matters relating to Lawr▓ence, he was still reporting for the News a▓nd had to keep his assignments! H▓e therefore had no opportunity to s●ee Howell that day, and it was nine o'clock ●at night when he arrived, with● his suit-case, at his new home.● Olden let him in with an alacrity that s▓uggested he had been waiting ▓for him.This idea was also suggested by t●he looks of the dining room, where a tray,● with bottles a

nd glasses and a b▓ox of cigars, had been arrange●d alluringly within sight. All ●right, I'll be down in a minute, the new lod●ger said, gaily.We'll make a night of it▓! Just wait till I put my suit-c●ase in my room. He ran upstairs to his ●room and looked across to Miss Elliott's S●chool.Across the white barrenness of


●the snowy yard that stretched between the two● houses, the light gleamed bri●ghtly from Kittie's windows.The curtain● of the right window was perceptibl▓y lower than the other.It seemed to cut o●ff the upper third of the wind●ow.Lyon read


the message with keen intere●st,--Mrs.Broughton is better.● She gives no signs of departure●.Across the dark he blew a kiss to the unse●en messenger, and hurried downstairs wher●e his mysterious landlord was walking▓ restlessly up and down th


e lo●ng dining room. Well, what shall we gossip ▓about he asked gaily.Olden▓ had shown no signs of physical f●eebleness, yet Lyon felt a h●urt about him that prompted him to a▓ show of cheerfulness beyond hi●s habit with a stranger, and t

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